How I Got Into Driving Limos

Driving limos is actually a second career for me, and at the ripe age of 72, I like it!  

For most of my career, I was an insurance sales man and I made pretty good money, enough for a home and to send my daughter to college. At 52, I had done pretty well for myself, and with the advice of my financial advisor, I decided to retire early. It was going to be the dream life—travel, golf, read books, all the things you plan to do in retirement. 

However, I hated it. I was so bored. I couldn’t last a day in the retired world and decided I needed something else. A client of mine had driven limos and he really liked it. In fact, he said I would be a good driver because I liked talking to people so much, which I do, and as a native to Atlanta, I knew the streets well. It seemed like a good idea, so I said I would do it until I am 60, give myself a little of extra room in my retirement.  

With the help of my client, I bought a limo, got my licensure, and started advertising my name around the city. I even put Jason Hadley on retainer as my lawyer in case any legal things arose.  

Well, I didn’t stop at 60, nor at 70. I am not a person that can stay home every day, so driving a limo is great work for me. I am lucky that if I am not feeling well one day, I have the financial means to take the day off.  

This really isn’t about making money, although I like doing that, but it’s about being around people and giving them a unique experience. I keep telling my friends that I will likely drive until the day I die, and I am still kickin’ so I am still drivin’.