What People Don’t Know About Limo Drivers (1/2)

Most people think that those who drive limos are experience drivers, who get paid really well, and have someone working for them to book all of their rides.  

Some of that is true for me.  

I work on my own, meaning that there is nobody in some office somewhere taking calls and telling me to go somewhere. In fact, if I were to give you my business card, the number would you lead you straight to my cell number. Obviously, this isn’t always conducive when driving people around, so I take most of my pre-book appointments through email. It’s way easier to get back to someone in between rides than trying to do business while managing traffic. Plus, my customers hate it.  

In reality, though, I get most of my rides from just parking my limo outside of busy places, like airports, stadiums, hotels. and theaters. If I don’t have anything pre-booked, which is usually two or three nights a week, I check the events schedule that night and go where I think there will be the most action. Another way that I get rides is by giving a piece of my cut to bell hoppers at hotels, who hook me up with their guests. This can be kind of a pain because some want a good chunk of the fare and the tip, but it’s a good way to get constant rides when things are slow. Another way I get passengers is through referral. If one guy orders be for a bachelor party for his six single friends, there is at least one of those guys who will also be getting married soon and need a limo for his bachelor ride. I have one entire group of girlfriends who I’ve driven around every year for each of their birthdays; I practically know everything about them!