What People Don’t Know About Limo Drivers (2/2)

People also think that limo drivers get paid really well. I don’t do too bad for myself, but it can be a struggle, especially with the rise of car-sharing apps that have options for nicer cars. Business has gone down over the last few years, but I have built up a pretty big clientele base that use me year after year, so that’s kept money coming through the door.  

Also, people assume that it’s mostly rich and famous people who use limos, but more often than not, I drive people who are just looking for that experience of being rich and famous. It’s everyday people like myself who are booking me for rides. I like these people, though, because they are so very excited to be in the limo and they make the most out of it.  

Lastly, driving a limo is hard work. You have to get people where they want to go in a timely matter but also make it entertaining. Sometimes they want to make three extra stops than we already planned and that takes navigational planning.  

Anyway, that’s a few things you may not have known about what it takes to be a limo driver!