When Driving Celebrities

Although most of my passengers are regular people, I have had the opportunity to drive around a few celebrities. While I can’t name names because that would be breaking the Limo Driver Ethical Code, I can give you some idea of what it’s like to drive these people.  

First off, even when a celebrity books you only for a few hours or to do just one drive, I end up booking my whole day. Sometimes this is a financial reward because they pay more than what I would make otherwise, but other times they skip the tip and give me just the fare. That has actually made me hate some of my favorite celebrities. There is one actor whose movies I refuse to watch because he stiffed me on a tip once! 

But, really the reason I book all day with the celebrity is because they are never on time and they might end up wanting me the whole day. You don’t want to tell some big shot that you can’t take them to their next appointment because you have a bachelor party from Cleveland coming in. If you can be flexible and accommodating, the celebrity may want to book your more often or refer you to friends.  

Also, know that you are never directly working with the celebrity. All the logistics of where to be and what should be in the car and when you need to arrive go through a manager or personal assistant. Many Pas ask you not to talk to the celebrity unless spoken to. I obey this rule, but I find that most celebrities are just people and feel like jerks if they ignore you so they end up saying thank you or something like that. Some of them are really chatty, which I like. You can NEVER ask a celebrity for a photo or an autograph. I’ve had limo driver friends who have met their heroes and asked for a photo, only for the celebrity to turn it down or get angry. That’s not an experience you want to have.  

The biggest rule to driving celebrities, though, is to just treat them like regular people!